February 28, 2010

March President’s Message

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A Message from Our  President Deborah Silva

Welcome spring, I say!!  This is a wonderful time of promise and taking on new projects.  In fact, we have several happening in the coming weeks and months.

Our regional clubs are meeting in Alaska next month to discuss how we are doing as Soroptimists and how to improve our reach and goals to make a difference in our communities. This trip is just one of the benefits experienced in Soroptimist. First, knowing we are making a difference for the women and girls we serve, second, networking with professional women of all walks of life and the resulting friendships and, lastly, having tons of fun in the process.

On that note, Sunday March 28th we are offering an informational tea to women who have the same goals for women and girls in this community. If you are interested in finding out more about our organization and meeting some of the amazing women who work together in our organization, don’t hesitate to let us know. Contact me here or talk with a Soroptimist you know.

We needed to move the date for our next Bunco fundraiser to May 20th. If you purchased a ticket, please let the Soroptimist you received it from know and we will either refund your money or you may hold on to it and use it in May. There will be more details in an upcoming newsletter.

Sara Teasdale once said, “A hush is over everything, silent as women wait for love; the world is waiting for the spring.” I am not sure if her thoughts of silent women applies to the women I know, but I do know we surely look forward to helping other women experience spring in their lives. Consider joining us in our cause!


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